Allison Transmissions
Tour bus ad

thanks to Steve Murphy


Allison targets many "occupational" niches in the truck and transportation for its heavy-duty automatic transmission; in this case, we focused on the owners and operators of tour bus companies.

This ad highlighted the added comfort that passengers experience with automatics, vs. manual-shift transmissions, as well as the lower maintenance costs resulting from reduced "shift shock."

As the only major manufacturer of truck automatics, Allison's advertising positions the primary benefits of automatic transmissions against traditional manual-shift transmissions. This ad supports the higher cost of automatics with the promise increased customer satisfaction and lower operating costs.


"We don't go for those shifty types"

Bus tours just go smoother with Allison automatics. Cruising on the highway or sightseeing in stop&go city traffic, passengers appreciate the extra comfort and quiet of automatics. They also feel better knowing their driver has both hands on the wheel and full attention on the road.
Run your whole fleet with Allsion automatics and your operation will run smoother, too -- with less stress on your drivetrain and lower maintenance costs ....