Autocom sales brochure

thanks to Rob Chilvers


GardGroup developed Autocom as its brand of automotive protection products tailored for new car dealerships across Canada.

This brochure was created as a a complete sales guide to help the sales reps and business office in new car dealerships to present the Autocom line to customers at the time they are ready to purchase a new car.

Dealerships carry a wide range of products and services they can package with every sale. Autocom includes a varied selection of interior and exterior protection products with different formulations for new, used and lease vehicles. An all-in-one consumer-friendly brochure that represents all the products would simplify the selling process and increase sales reps' share-of-mind for the entire line.


Driving Down the Cost of Rust
Across Canada, people who love cars are learning that a car's best defences against age and weather come from Autocom.

Autocom Antirust Treatment
Whatever the age of your car, the right time to give it antirust protection is now - before you take it on the road. Protect your vehicle with Autocom underbody antirust treatment today, and drive down the cost of rust for years to come.