Champion Road Machinery
Champion Parts re-launch

thanks to Rob Chilvers

This campaign rolled out in successive waves: first for Champion employees; then Champion parts dealers; and then the owners of Champion graders.

We used posters, postcards, point-of-sale and mail promotions to build the story of Champion parts and service. The common theme was the importance of the parts business for the success for everyone involved with Champion through every step of the grader's lifecycle.

We needed all Champion employees on side to understand and support the aggressive new goals of the parts department. The dealer program offered new merchandising and promotions in exchange for commitments which would lead to improved service levels for customers and a higher share of out-of-warranty parts sales. Finally, Champion equipment owners needed to recognize how genuine Champion parts and the Champion dealer could improve fleet costs and operations.

Employees gained a new appreciation of Parts' contribution to Champion's bottom line. Targeted dealers responded by buying into the new merchandising kits and packaging as well as the new stocking and service terms. Within the first year, the program achieved sales 35% ahead of forecasts