Cydectin rebate promo

thanks to Jeff Wies


Cattlemen and feed-lot operators across Canada.

Ads and collateral withcopy focused on the return-on-investment resulting from the improved weight-gain in cattle as a result of parasite control with Cydectin. The financial benefits were reinforced by a new rebate program and product guarantee.

Parasite control was widely regarded as a cost-of-business rather than a profit maker. The mailer presented test results showing the real financial gains to be made with Cydectin, compared to competitive controls. The creative took a humorous slant on dramatizing the rebates by showing extravagantly detailed boots as "something nice" that cattlemen could buy with their extra cash from Cydectin..


Buy Yourself Something Nice.
Cydectin's Treating!

Treat Your Herd With Cydectin for Parasite Control That Pays Off

An independent university 112-day pasture trial concluded that beef calves treated at turnout with CYDECTIN® Pour-On gained up to:
o 59.4 lbs. more than Control
o 33 lbs. more than Ivomec®Pour-On (p=NS)
o 15.4 lbs. more than Dectomax* Pour-On (p=NS)
o 11 lbs. more than Ivomec® Eprinex ™ (p=NS)
More for your money
Choose CYDECTIN®Pour-On this fall and you can get up to $100 rebate when you buy at your local veterinary clinic.
Compare our CASH FOR CATTLEMEN rebates:
$100 on every 10L

$50 on every 5L
$25 on every 2.5L