Domino implementation ad

thanks to Rick Denomme


Users of IBM AS\400 computer systems who are migrating to to Domino-based e-commerce solutions.

Able-One Systems Inc. is a leading Ontario system integrator with extensive experience in both AS\400 and PC environments. With the arrival of Domino for AS/400, Able-One tasked installation teams specifically to expedite migrations to the new system,

Domino would provide a significant strategic advantage to businesses who could deploy it quickly. Most user sites were mature systems with scarce resources to expedite a major conversion in-house, while very few other system integrators could offer Able-One's experience in mixed environments.


Your Rapid Reponse Team for Domino Migration

Domino for AS\400 is going to power your system into a whole new generation of e-business capability. But first you have to get there!

Help is on the way! The Able-One team has all the right stuff to make your migration to Domino seamless and effortless, for you and your users. Our Domino specialists have already deployed Domino for AS/400 solutions for many major corporations...