Fakespace Systems
Brand development

thanks to Karley Cunningham


Fakespace serves high-end engineering and scientific markets including government agencies, military developers and educational research labs.

The brand development built on the theme of "Better Ways to Create and Communicate" to take the focus off its very advanced technology and onto the tangible benefits of "virtual reality environments" for interactive visualization of complex data.

Fakespace was a major player in the experimental development of visualization technology, but needed to move perceptions out of the lab and into the practical world of applied science and engineering. The new language and images featured the results of the technology - greater insight, inspiration and enhanced collaboration among the customers most valued knowledge workers.


(from the website)
Better Ways to Create and Communicate
At Fakespace Systems, customers are discovering advanced visualization technologies that allow organizations to create, display, express and explore large complex datasets as a shared experience.

We are leading the transition from the single-user 2-dimensional workstation to collaborative, interactive 3D visualization environments. Our ImmersaDesk®, WorkWall TM and CAVE® solutions are built on a core of advanced visualization technologies plus an understanding of human factors, and matched to business needs for a productive and creative workplace.

… automotive engineers are buckling up in lifesize virtual prototypes, shortening design times and reducing design costs.
… geophysicists are navigating through miles of computer-enhanced
seismic models to locate oil deposits.
… biochemists immersed in room-sized molecular models are analyzing the structure of new formulations from the inside out.