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Hanna is an independent sales consultant for Fantasia, Canada's original home party network for adult pleasure and pampering products including sex toys, lingerie, specialty oils and lotions. The website is designed to help potential hosts understand what to expect at a Fantasia party and to book a party date with Hanna.

The home page focuses on three main revenue streams: booking parties, recruiting new Fantasia consultants and direct product sales. Linked pages provide expanded menus of informational and product pages as well as details on monthly specials for customers and hostesses. All pages lead to either the shopping check out or an e-mail booking form.

Fantasia parties differ from other home party plans in several ways, including the nature of the products, the sit-down presentation format and "pay tonight, play tonight" delivery. The website design responds to visitor interests while providing a path that encourages better planning and preparation for a successful party.


Party with Fantasia!
Invite your friends and co-workers to a Fantasia party at your home for a highly professional presentation of erotic delights and intimate pleasures. Count on lots of laughter, helpful information plus plenty of FREE STUFF for you! See my HOSTESS HINTS to plan a great party, then use my handy booking form to book your Fantasia party with me or any of our other consultants across Canada!
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