Crops Decisionpower CD

thanks to Nik Herron


This CD package was distributed primarily to grain farmersat trade shows and through farm stores.

A series of demonstration modules introduces growers to the Crops "Decisionpower" suite of online tools and consulting services designed to assist in planning and managing farm operations for higher profit..

The service could be easily confused with other products and services that appeared offered similar benefits, but in a very limited way. The demo CD allowed growers to experience the full scope of Decisionpower and its year-round role in planning and marketing decisions.


What kind of decisions would you make if you had better information?
Which crop plan will yield the best profit? What does it really cost to operate your farm? How does your operation compare financially to other operations in your area? When should you sell, and when should you wait?

Know your profit potential.
Look at this introductory CD. Use your personal computer to see how Crops Decisionpower works with you right through the year to help you plan ahead and make decsions based on your own crops, markets and business operations...