Hewlett Packard
C3P package admail

thanks to Ron Cybulskie


A targeted mailing to engineers, designers and IT managers among automotive manufacturers supplying Ford Motor Company.

A roll-folding mailer revealed a special "C3P seat" solution bundle comprised of I-DEAS software for CAD/CAM and CAE ("I need it!”) pre-loaded on a choice of HP workstations (“I want it!”) plus low-cost financing (“I can't believe it!”.

The target audience was under pressure from Ford to conform with the C3P solution standard as quickly as possible. The resulting demand for high-powered software created a window of opportunity for HP to extend its leadership in engineering workstations with cooperation from Ford and the software vendor.


I need it!

If Ford wanted to standardize on crayons for its global product development, I'd be designing with crayons. Lucky for me, Ford standardized on C3P with I-DEAS from SDRC. A C3P “Solution Seat” would give me the complete tool set I need to increase my productivity and to keep me in business with Ford. From hardware to software to support and custom training, it's everything I need to be part of Ford's global implementation.

I want it!

Oh, yeah! This is the only way to work!
Hewlett-Packard sure knows how to make life easier for a hard-working engineer. Just look! Powerful HP PA-8500 and Intel Pentium III processors, HP VISUALIZE-fx 2 graphics subsystems; increased disk, RAM and I/O capabilities deliver 2x performance over existing systems. Plus the choice between UNIX and Windows NT. These HP VISUALIZE Workstations really are built for people like us - the people who solve the really tough design problems and have to deliver those solutions fast...