HotSht retail package

thanks to James Bryce and Rob Chilvers


GardGroup created the HotSht brand to extend its paint protection and restoration products into the RV and "extreme sports" markets.

The packaging for HotSht is the primary sales tool for introducing consumers to a new product category that will preserve and protect "high impact" gear such as helmets, jet-skis and ATVs. The text walks consumers through the full story from "what" the product is, through "why" they need it to "how" to apply and use it.

GardGroup's established automotive brands had no awareness or appeal in the "extreme" world. A new brand with a whole new attitude was essential to capture not only the young, action-oriented consumers, but also the retailers' that serve them.


HOT-SHT! your gear!

Take care of your gear - it will take care of you! Hot-Sht brings back the hot color and buff finish of all kinds of hard-working surfaces : metal, wood, fiberglass, molded plastics and resins. It's the ideal care system for high-action gear like helmets, watercraft and sport vehicles.

Plus - the super-slick Hot-Sht finish gives running surfaces an extra performance boost on water and snow!
Love your gear! Give it the Hot-Sht treatment!