Lawson Health Research Institute
15th Annversary newsletter

thanks to Kim Dempsey


A special issue of the "Probe" was circulated to an expanded list of prospective research sponsors and as a supplement to the London Free Press newspaper.

The newsletter highlighted some of the major achievements and works-in-progree for eminent research scientiists affiliated with the institute. The articles were chosen to reflect the scope of the institute's research specialties and to feature the unique resources it offers for international research customers.

Although LRI enjoyed great respect within its immediate circle of professional colleagues and sponsors, it had not attracted the high public profuile enjoyed by other Ontario research centres. Government funding had become severely restricted, so the institute needed to turn to new sources. The anniversary newsletter provided a venue for demonstrating the real-world results of its work in a way that would attract public and corporate support.


Research That Saves Lives

In its 15 years, The Lawson Research Institute has earned an admirable record of “firsts” in many areas. But the story of Madeleine Currie truly gets to the heart of the LRI’s ultimate mission in life. She reminds us to
look beyond what we can do for science, to see what we can do for people.
At this writing, Madeleine is all of five years old, a vibrant young girl now with a lifetime of discovery before her. We’re very glad to have her with us, because we almost lost her before her life really got started.
...The Lewis team has refined the therapy, creating a new synthetic surfactant which labs can produce in sufficient quantities for increased testing, and developing a new aerosol method of administering
the surfactant. Now, an international multi-centre trial is about to begin. Surfactant therapy made news recently as part of the neonatal treatment provided to the McCaughey septuplets in Iowa.