Networking ad

thanks to Ron Cybulskie


PacketWorks specializes in wireless systems for Ontario's "MUSH" market: municipalities, schools and hospitals..

The brand definition was built around the theme of "Connecting Communities" with messaging focused on the firm's specialized knowledge of the Ontario market and community infrastructures.

Municipal agencies were under pressure to upgrade the information architecture and to ensure "equal access" throughout their jurisdictions. Costly upgrades required buy-in from elected decisionmakers who tended to favor well-known multinational vendors of cable-based networks. PacketWorks needed a clear identity to create opportunities to demonstrate the wireless alternative before MUSH committees decide on their short-list..


(from the Brand Profile)

...[competitors are] major international corporations; billion-dollar giants in the global village...PacketWorks is a more accessible organization; a knowledgeable source that responds nimbly to local needs. Where the big name companies know the world, PacketWorks knows the communities of Ontario...

Key Messages:
Connecting communities
- PacketWorks is Ontario's specialist; we know "the lay of the land" (geographically and technologically) to deliver the most efficient and most cost-effective network design
Proven technology
- Trust the source your neighbors trust; nobody has solved more of Ontario's community networking problems than PacketWorks
The responsible choice
- PacketWorks ensures that both rural and urban users in the community have fair access to the advantages of the municipal networks
The informed choice
- Make an informed decision; ask us for the straight facts on high-speed networking