City of Peterborough
Tourism brochure

thanks to Alf Thomas


Peterborough distributes travel information to potential visitors through local and provincial travel bureaus and in response to inquiries from all over Canada and the U.S. team.

The brochure present the overall ambience of the Kawarthas along with reviews of major attractions including outdoor sports, heritage sites, native arts and area festivals

While the natural attractions of the Kawartha district have earned a loyal following among outdoor entusiasts, the brochure demonstrates that Paterborough offers a much richer travel experience that will appeal to broader range of interests.



Suddenly the city seems far behind. The traffic and noise fade away; the air freshens; you can sense the change in scenery almost before you see it. Then, without even trying, you notice yourself start to relax. Now you know -- this really is "getaway country."
"The local art really opens your eyes to the natural beauty around you..."
The Kawartha's have kindled the creative urge in people since the times of ancient Indian shamans. And no wonder: art emerges straight from the earth wherever you look. The arts now play a lively role in the communities throughout the district...
At nearby Artspace, the visual arts meet the performing arts. Paintings, photography and sculpture are shown alongside an ever-changing potpourri of theatre, dance, video, poetry readings and musical concerts.