Series IV grader - ad mail

thanks to Rob Chilvers


Champion targeted a purchased list of 5000 owners of small fleets of construction equipment.

This invitation offered fleet owners a chance to take part in a "user evaluation" program by calling to reserve a demonstration unit of the Series IV grader. The invitation was produced with no Champion branding on it.

Champion had redesigned its graders extensively to satisfy the particular needs of private contractors. The major obstacle to a successful launch was contractors' perception of Champion as the "low-bid" brand catering to government fleets. Presenting the demo launch as a third-party evaluation program would help to side-step negative preconceptions and lead contractors to first-hand experience with the new Champion. .

Champion received telephone responses from 11% of the contractors on the invitation list. Of these, 190 signed up for a grader demo. Through the launch, the sale or rental of 25 Series IV graders was credited directly to these demos.