Hewlett Packard
HP Kayak/Visualize ad mail



HP was ready to launch its PC-based workstations in to the traditional Mac strongholds of high-end graphic design, animation and mulitmedia production.

The launch program focused on positioning Kayak and Visualize systems as an elite technology that stands above desktop computers of any type. The call to action drove targetted prospects to a website where they could enter a special promotion linking HP to a popular online graphics resource while offering a free Kayak system to contest winners..

The loyalty of the graphic art industry to Mac technology is legendary. HP workstations were already the leader in other graphically intensive applications such as engineering and scientific simulations, but HP recognized that breaking into the high-end arts market would require special attention.


How do you make a workstation fly?
Take it to the edge and - PUSH!

We know…
...you can do stunts with a computer nobody else even gets. No wonder you tend to be a little extreme in your demands for graphic computing power. So why put up with technology that keeps you waiting when you could be creating? It's enough to drive you right over the edge!

Or maybe it's enough to drive you up to serious power - up to real workstation power - all the way up to one of the new KAYAK or VISUALIZE PC workstations from HP.

Come on - you've got work to do! And now, HP has two families of PC Workstations to come through with the performance you want at a price that makes sense.