GM Defense Group
LAV Reconnaissance brochure

thanks to Rob Chilvers


GM military customers include general officers who lead infantry and light armored units, as well as specialists in strategy, tactics and logistic planning, plus the political influences who control funding for defense programs.

This brochure introduced a new version of GM's Light Armored Vehicle, specially equipped for hi-tech surveillance. The brochure had to define the vehicle's technical capabiities as well as create a picture of where such a vehicle would fit into typical military operations.

The wheeled LAV was establishing a new niche in military fleets -- lighter and faster than tanks, with better arms and protection than trucks or dismounted troops. With its sophisticated observation suite, the LAV "Recce" could extend this niche into a non-traditional front-line role.


First in. Last out.
Recce's job is to go looking for trouble. And find it.
Watch… wait… listen… report.
Then move on… or engage.

With its functional, mission-specific rear compartment and large payload capacity, the LAV-RECCE packs an extensive range of advanced surveillance systems configured in an efficient observation and communications suite. A 10-metre telescoping mast, which retracts entirely within the armored hull, mounts a sensor array combining a ground surveillance radar, thermal imager, visible-spectrum camera and laser rangefinder… Moving vehicle targets are detectable at ranges up to 12km and a moving man can be detected to 3100m. These systems are supplemented by the LAV's new DVA thermal imager, which provides a short-range wide-angle surveillance mode for the vehicle driver at up to 3-times magnification…