Sunshine Dreams for Kids
"Corporate story" handout

thanks to Kim Dempsey


The Sunshine story reaches many levels of audiences: the parents and doctors of special children, sponsoring business and organizations , prospective volunteers and contributors who support Sunshine fundraising events.

This brochure provides a basic overview of the various programs that Sunshine provides shows how anyone can help to make "dreams come true" for special children.

While some Sunshine programs and fundraisers are high profile community events, much more takes place "behind the scenes." The success of the programs relies extensively on grassroots support through its branch network, requiring a high level of awareness and understanding of its goals and successes..


Everybody dreams - especially children.
But some children's dreams are more elusive than others. Living with a severe physical disability or life-threatening illness, these children have little opportunity to make their own dreams come true. That's what makes them special.
The Sunshine Foundation of Canada was created so these special children could have a chance to see their once-in-a-lifetime dream come true. Since 1987, we have helped to fulfill the dreams of more than 3,800 special children. Every child's dream is as unique as the child:
· a family reunion with relatives in a distant location
· a fun-filled trip to some exciting place
· a personal gift such as a computer or musical instrument
· a chance to meet a favourite entertainment celebrity or sports hero
Through the generosity of individuals and corporations across Canada, The Sunshine Foundation is making more dreams come true every day. Their donations of time, money and care make it possible for us to bring a little sunshine to the life of a special child…