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TaskCenter brand development

thanks to Greg Salmella


The TaskCenter toolkit was developed for technology providers servicing retail, kiosk and corporate networks, as well as large IT departments providing in-house software development..

TaskCenter provides a very fast object-oriented toolkit for creating customized PC desktops, which enable the developer to manage any range of user applicationg including mixed operating environments.

TaskCenter was created to support productivity among novice users by creating desktops that focus on their specific tasks and maintain a consistent access interface regardless of the underlying technology. The toolkit uses standardized objects to create custom desktops quickly without costly programming.


(from the brand profile:)
On the Windows desktop, anything can happen.
This is the home of the adventurer. Windows allows you to explore vast seas of information and applications, navigate uncharted waters and discover new resources. But not everyone wants to lose sight of the horizon.
For the task-centric user, the well-charted course is the safest route to the prescribed destination.
TaskCenter is the map-maker for task-centric users. With TaskCenter, users gain mastery over the desktop. Their world and its safe havens are clearly defined; they can sail from task to task directly and efficiently, without fear.