Virtek Vision
Laser Inspection ad

thanks to Mike Bax


Owners and CFOs of fabricating shops running sheet metal production lines.

This fractional-page ad ran in trade publications to build awareness of how laser-based inspection equipment improves quality and reduces costs in the shop.

Most purchases of shop equipment can be easily justified according to its production rate and the value of the finished part. Virtek inspection equipment doesn't produce parts, so justifying its cost requires the buyer to look beyond the equipment itself to the value of improved quality control throughout the shop.
Another version of this ad (Assure your Quailty / Control your process) addressed the needs of production managers and quality engineers involved in purchase decisions.


Assure your QUALITY.
CONTROL your costs.

Add a new dimension to your quality process with flat-part laser inspection systems from Virtek.
Consistent quality
Virtek laser inspection puts laser-fast quality control right on the factory floor to keep your production line running true hour after hour, shift after shift. Accurate checks on every dimension take just seconds for First Article Inspections and random samples, backed by automatic SPC documentation and traceability for ISO and QS reporting.
Efficient throughput
Eliminate the QC bottleneck to achieve faster cycle times and increased green-light time for your shop. Make Virtek part of your production process to reduce scrap and rework, simplify scheduling and increase efficiency on your flat-part fab equipment.