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Math instructors flyer

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A core market for Waterloo Maple is university and college level mathematics instructors worldwide .

This mailer was produced to introduce a comprehensive package of instructional products and programs based on Waterloo Maple math software.

Waterloo Maple's leadership in advanced math software is supported by maintaining a high level of familiarity with new graduates and by providing the tools used by the world's most respected researchers and academics.


It All Adds Up At Maple
There's more to Waterloo Maple than the world's leading mathematics software. The renowned Maple 6 computational system is backed by an extensive range of flexible support options and resources designed to work together to offer the best total software solution for math education.
Get the best fit for your education and research program
Maple was born in an academic setting and, for nearly 20 years, Waterloo Maple has continued to give special attention to the needs of students, teachers and researchers. Take a look at "the big picture" at Waterloo Maple - it all comes together with the best programs and the best value for mathematicians.
Feature-Rich LabPacks
Maple LabPacks are the perfect solution for smaller community colleges and high schools with special entry-level pricing for 10 to 25 on-campus users. LabPacks come complete with a suite of educational resources to get your course up and running fast.
Maple Student Edition
With special "starving student" pricing, the next generation of mathematicians doesn't have to wait to work with the full power of Maple's advanced computational system.