TLI copywriting & creative

Advertising & Promotion

Some ideas start with a picture; some start with a word. But no concept is complete until words and pictures are working together. Get your advertising projects on track with your marketing objectives by keeping your copy focused on “who, what and why” from start to finish.
For example:

Multimedia &
Web content



Make your multimedia investment pay off for your business by making it pay off for all your audiences. Create content that’s engaging and responsive to every need; package it for easy access through a coherent and flexible information design. And keep it fresh, to keep them coming back.
For example:

Brand Development

Properly nurtured, your brand takes on a life of its own with a clear position, a credible story and a promise that people can believe in. It acquires character, depth, direction and it defines the shared values that provide a common language for your images, your products and your people.
For example:

  • "TaskCenter", a desktop development toolkit from Trademark Technologies
  • "Fakespace", the world leader interactive visualization environments
  • "PacketWorks", a regional provider of wireless wide-area networks
  • "Hot Sht", surface protection treatment for "extreme" gear

Direct Response


The key word here is “response!” To strike a responsive chord, talk to your customers one-on-one. Give them a reason to listen. Involve them in your story. Compel desire. Make an offer. Ask for the order - now!
For example:

  • CAD/CAM solution seats for automotive engineers from Hewlett Packard
  • "brand name" professional services for CEOs from Ernst & Young
  • motor graders for road and paving contractors from Volvo/Champion
  • rebates and higher profits for cattlemen from Ayerst